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Video & Film to DVD


Photo Production House is proud to be a local Memory2DVD agent in Prahran, Melbourne.



Protect your precious memories.

We all have many precious video tapes, films, photos and other memories we want to preserve for our own enjoyment and for future generations. Old cassette tapes decay and will become impossible to use and will be lost to your family and friends.

Act now before it’s too late!

Contact us for the retail store nearest to your home or business – it’s easy to save your precious memories on tape or film:

We can convert all electronic, tape, film or photographic media (video or audio) to a variety of formats to DVD and CD.


Cost of this service:

Video to DVD - 2 Hours          $60 per DVD
Extra copies                             $15 per DVD
Film transfer                             $80 setting fee + 25 cents per foot.

We convert any electronic, film or photographic media to a variety of formats. If you have something you want copied, please ask about our full range of services. 

Three easy steps to save your precious VHS, Beta tape and film memories:

1. Come into Photo Production House and fill out your details on our order form and hand over your cassette tape or film media you want converted.

2. We will delivery your tape or film the Memory2Dvd editing facility where it is examined and then converted to DVD so it can be played on your computer or TV.

3. Your originals plus new DVD will be returned to Photo Production House via TNT Express for better reliability and security.

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